Appalachian Broadband Technologies (ABT) is a locally-owned Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) located in Cleveland, Georgia.  Utilizing The North Georgia Network's fiber optic network as our backbone, ABT effectively deploys high speed Internet / broadband to areas that are otherwise unreachable by a traditional hard-wired fiber optic service.

ABT gives you the freedom and flexibility to have a reliable high-speed internet connection that does not require you to bundle it with a phone line or cable television service. We are the fast and dependable alternative to cable and DSL internet services.

With several service plans to choose from, ABT has a plan for everyone and every budget.  We can offer no-contract, no obligation plans in certain areas.

With ABT, you can enjoy faster downloads, smoother video, and lag-free gaming, even with multiple users online at once.  Even more, our upload speeds are equal to our download speeds, providing you with an overall better internet connection.  No more waiting for your pictures and large files to transfer.

 With ABT Wireless, high-speed internet can be enjoyed in the following areas:
  • Single Family Residential Units
  • Multi-Family Residential Units
  • Commercial and Retail Locations
  • Municipalities
  • Parks and Recreational Complexes
  • Campgrounds
  • Hotels
  • College Campuses
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